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TNAnews- Kirkuk| Turkmens took to the street to demonstrate against the decision to raise the Kurdistan flag over official premises in Kirkuk, one day after it was approved by the provincial council

NRT correspondent Aso Ahmed said supporters of the Turkmen Front in Kirkuk shouted “no for violation of the constitution and law” as they gathered near the governorate’s building in Kirkuk.


The protestors raised the Turkmen flag during the demonstration, vying to continue their protest until they received a response from Kirkuk authorities regarding the decision to raise the Kurdistan flag over official premises.


The protest comes after Kirkuk Provincial Council members voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday (March 28) in favor of raising the Kurdistan flag over official buildings during a meeting that was boycotted by Turkmen and Arabs.


Following the vote, Head of the Turkmen Front in Kirkuk Provincial Council, Ali Mahdi, told NRT that Turkmen and Arabs had been neglected in Kirkuk as a result of the decision.


“We are concerned by the decision of Kirkuk Provincial Council,” Mahdi added. “We are not against the Kurds but we are against any decision which is against the constitution.”


The spokesman of Iraqi premier Saad al-Hadithi told NRT Arabic that the absence of Arab and Turkmen blocs from the Kirkuk Provincial Council meeting on the decision to raise the Kurdistan Region’s flag in the Kirkuk Governorate was a violation of the Iraqi Constitution.


The Turkish Foreign Ministry also criticized the decision on Tuesday.


“The adoption of unilateral steps related to Kirkuk’s status hurts the prospects for dialogue and is contrary to the notion of a constitutional process,” the statement read.


“Such an approach will have an adverse effect on the country’s security and stability,” it added.



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