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Turkmen News Participates In Workshop On The Tragedy Of The Displaced Under The Auspices Of The Norwegian Refugee Council












 Turkmen News – Baghdad,

Turkmen News Agency participated in the training workshop on media and how to enhance the public awareness about the tragedy of displaced people in the country, it was hosted by the Norwegian Refugee Council which is an international non-governmental organization with experience in caring for displaced people around the world.

In a statement for TNA, Dr. Hashim Al-Kendi, the lecturer of the workshop, said that there are a lot of things that we have to be submitted as media for the displaced, including educating them about their rights and work on humanitarian relief needed by the displaced under the possibilities, as well as presenting training to develop the capabilities of the displaced in their new places.

Dr. Al-Kendi added that the responsibility of caring the displaced lays on everyone, especially journalists who should have a great role in showing their problems to the authorities concerned.


Dr. Al-Kendi went on saying that media must assist in helping displaced people and work on providing help at the same level of media coverage in order to inform the public all governmental institutions with that everyone should be interested in his case.


For his part, the representative of TNA Mr. Muhanad Murad addressed the participants saying that pluralistic is new in Iraq and the problem of displaced people represent a tragedy with no real understanding of what it represents especially for Iraqi Turkmen who lost their homes and been displaced starting with Talafar and ending with Bashir and Tuzkhurmato and These areas represents the historical homeland of Turkmen, it is impossible to find a substitute for a homeland, so everyone must take into account the psychological aspect of the displaced and not to distinguish some of them on the others for any reason.


The workshop was attended by representatives of government institutions, Parliament, Prime Minister Office, Ministries and Civil Society Organizations, Embassies of Countries To Iraq, as well as representatives of the media and humanitarian agencies.

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