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ISIS Executes Tens of Turkmen in Northwestern Iraq

TNAnews- The Vice-Chairman of Nineveh Provincial Council reported that the ISIL terrorist group executed 200 Turkmen in the town of Tal Afar.


Nouralddeen Qablan said that ISIL killed 200 Turkmen people in Tal Afar on charges of fleeing the pro-claimed Caliphate's territories.

He said that ISIL had arrested the Turkmen civilians that tried to flee ISIL-held region toward the territories that are under the Iraqi Army's control a month ago.

The source said that most of the executed Turkmen were women and children.

A local source, meantime, said that ISIL's non-Iraqi members have executed local commanders of ISIL in Tal Afar and have taken charge over the town.    

A local source in Nineveh province reported on Monday that hundreds of leaflets and flyers speaking of the death of ISIL's ring Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi were distributed by unknown people in the Central part of the town of Tal Afar.

"A number of these leaflets have been distributed along the roads. Some similar flyers have also been found on the walls in trade centers. The leaflets and flyers carry normal logo and emblem of the ISIL. The literature used in them is the same as the one always used by the ISIL, but the terrorist group has gone on alert and launched a search operation to find those that have released and distributed the papers," he said.

"The way the flyers have been written and the fashion of their distribution, though, indicates that those behind the move are from most influential ranks of the ISIL terrorist group," the source went on to say. 

Socure: FARSnews (FNA)

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