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A Displaced Man Burns his Family in Najaf and Human Rights calls for Improving the IDP's Situations

TNAnews| Dr. Ali A. Al-Bayati, the spokesman for the Iraqi high Commission for Human Rights and member of the Commissioners' Board confirmed, on Friday, August 25, 2017, that the fact-finding team of the Commission in Najaf moved to the place of the burned family in ​​Al-Haidariyah neiberhood in Najaf governorate.


Al-Bayati said that the father of the family (Ali Hadi Hussein) burned his family members by spraying benzene on their mattresses as they slept and set the fire after throwing matches from the window of the room, adding that the family consisted of a father, mother, three daughters and four sons, where three girls and two boys died.
The father of the family, the offender, suffers from epileptic seizures frequently which requires him to take the medicine for this disease, and the displaced family which is from the city of Tal Afar experienced difficult economic conditions due to the displacement and was forced to live in one of the Hussienia camps ( worship places), Al-Bayati said.
The IHCHR spokesman expressed his "sorrow and sadness for the occurrence of such incidents as a result of the hard circumstances of the displaced families," calling on the Ministries of (Health, Migration and Displaced, Labor and social affairs and NGOs) to follow up the displaced families situations and provide basic requirements necessary for a decent life to avoid occurring such sorrowful incidents.
Al-Bayati called on the international organizations to support more than (two millions ) displaced people still living out of their original  homelands with harsh conditions, Pointing out that it is very important for  the concerned authorities to  encourage displaced families to return to their areas of residence, which were retaken from the control of Daesh, after providing basic life requirements and thus we can contribute to reduce the unfortunate incidents and the momentum on the camps.

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